Canabidol™ Cannabis 25% CBD Extract (1ml Syringe) – 250mg

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CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ Cannabis CBD Extract is the purest CBD product we have available. This product is highly recommended for experienced CBD-users!

For new users, please use sparingly or take a look at our premium Cannabis CBD Oil options.

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More Information

Our concentrated CBD extracts UK comes in an easy-to-use oral applicator for buccal administration (absorption via cheek or gums) with incremental milligram marking for a precise dosage delivery.

This can also be administered directly to the skin for a highly targeted delivery of CBD. Please take care when using this supplement, we would suggest using this product if you have used CBD products before.

Every batch is quality tested for purity and


Certificate of Analysis

Cannabis CBD Extract

Direction for use

Important note:  Please take care whilst dispersing product.

This product may crystallise (due to purity), and must be heated before attempting to dispense it.

Take syringe with cap securely fitted, and immerse full syringe in hot water at a temperature of approx. 70 degrees celsius for several minutes or until extract has melted into a liquid state with a similar consistency to honey.

The extract will now be runny so dispense with care slowly push syringe to desired amount on finger and place on gums.


Cannabis sativa L. Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Bees Wax.

CBD Extracts UK Guide

CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ Cannabis CBD Extract is the purest CBD product available by BRITISH CANNABIS™, making it an appealing option for those who are looking for relief from pain and other symptoms. This product is highly recommended for experienced CBD users.

Made by extracting organically grown CBD Oil from the cannabis plant and then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or hemp seed, Cannabis CBD Extracts UK continues to become more popular in the world of health and wellness.

Vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners, CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ CBD Extract contains phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids designed to help people maintain calm and focus and achieve healthy sleep.

What are the benefits of CBD extract?

CBD has a wide range of therapeutic properties, according to scientific research. Using CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ CBD Extract may help people to manage their symptoms relating to pain or reduce their anxiety and stress, and CBD use won’t draw any special attention since many people are aware of CBD nowadays.

Dosing Information

CBD Extract 250mg

  • each 0.1ml delivers 25mg of CBD

CBD Extract 500mg

  • each 0.1ml delivers 50mg of CBD

CBD Extract 750mg

  • each 0.1ml delivers 75mg of CBD

CBD Compliance

All CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ CBD supplements are labelled with a product batch code and best before date. Tap here to enter your batch code, this will give you access to all the regulatory and compliance documents associated with your CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ Cannabis CBD Oil.

For the latest up-to-date information on compliance surrounding CBD, click here to visit the FSA’s advice on CBD.

This product is sold as a food supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease – tap here to read what defines a medical product by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

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Important Information

Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended to treat any medical condition. Use at your own risk. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not exceed 70mg of CBD per day. Store in original packaging and keep out of direct sunlight. You must be over 18 to use this product.

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Canabidol Classic



Product type

Food Supplement

Product category




CBD /mg (Potency)


Application type




Minor Terpenes

Alpha-Bisabolol , Alpha-Terpinene , Camphene , Caryophyllene Oxide , Delta-3-Carene , Eucalyptol , Gamma-Terpinene , Geraniol , Guaiol , Isopulegol , Nerolidol , p-Cymene

CBD (£) /100Mg


Free from

Dairy and lactose free , Fish and shellfish allergies , FODMAP , Gluten Free , Ketogenic , Paleo , Vegetarian

Major Terpenes

Alpha-Humulene , Alpha-Pinene , Beta-Caryophyllene , Beta-Myrcene , Beta-Pinene , d-Limonene , Linalool , Ocimene , Terpinolene

Suitable for

Keto , Paleo , Vegetarian



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  • Avatar

    Lucia Garrett

    High quality extract

    As an experienced CBD user, I was eager to try this CBD extract. Whether I choose to add it to my morning coffee, place a few drops under my tongue, or mix it into my evening tea, the results are consistently impressive. The sense of relaxation and calm it offers is unparalleled, making it an essential component of my daily wellness regimen. Knowing that I can trust the quality and purity of this product has brought me peace of mind, and I’m delighted to have discovered this one.

    April 2, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Lisa Wilson

    250mg CBD extract

    Just purchased the CBD extract with 250mg strength, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. After researching and considering various options, I decided to give this product a try, and I’m already reaping the benefits. The 250mg strength seems to strike the perfect balance for me. From the very first use, I could sense a gentle wave of relaxation washing over me. It’s exactly what I was seeking ✨

    March 23, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Benn Anderson


    CBD extract stands out because it’s really strong and lasts a long time before it goes bad. It’s been great at making my mind quieter and cutting down on my seizures. This has made a big difference in my daily life, letting me do more of what I love without being held back by my health issues. The quality and strength mean I don’t need a lot to feel better, which is a plus.

    March 11, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Safe and natural

    CBD has been good for things like swelling, pain, and helping the mind. It’s not habit-forming either. I take CBD to help with my worry and to stay away from bad habits. It makes me feel calmer and cuts down on unwanted thoughts. It also helps lessen my pain. For me, using CBD has been a safe and useful choice.

    March 7, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Carren Jason

    250 extract

    The 250mg strength seems to be moderately effective at alleviating symptoms and provides some relief from unmanageable pain.
    While the relief provided is appreciable, it doesn’t entirely meet my expectations, especially considering the wide array of available options. The experience has been a mix of hits and misses, indicating a need for more consistent quality and perhaps a more potent formulation. Despite these shortcomings, it remains a viable option for those exploring natural alternatives for symptom management.

    February 27, 2022
    Verified Review

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CBD Compliance

ACCESS CBD® products feature individual QR codes that give you instant access to compliance documentation and lab reports. Just point your phone’s camera at the code and a notification will appear. Click on it, then enter the batch code printed on the back of the pouch for a comprehensive breakdown of the CBD content.

For the latest updates about CBD compliance, please refer to the FSA (Food Standards Agency)’s advice on the subject. It is important to remember that this CBD product is sold as a food supplement, and is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness. Please refer to the MHRA’s guide to understand what constitutes a medical product.

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