Discover the best CBD products for you in 2024, let us guide your choice

Browse the UK government's certified list of CBD products, which meet strict regulatory and quality standards.

Discover the best CBD products for you in 2024, let us guide your choice

WhatsApp our CBD advisor available 24/7 or browse the UK government's certified list of CBD products.

Your Ultimate UK Guide to CBD Product Selection

Embark on a CBD journey that's all about you. Our expert is ready on WhatsApp to offer friendly, knowledgeable advice tailored to your unique needs and interests.

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1. Identifying your CBD Needs

When choosing the best CBD for you, it's essential to define your objectives and pinpoint products that align precisely with your needs. By understanding your specific requirement, provides you with tailored advice to navigate the vast online offerings. Speak with our CBD expert on WhatsApp for free today.

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2. Personalised CBD Product Discovery

Finding the ideal CBD product that meets your requirements can be a maze of confusion provides you with the expertise to navigate through the vast product options to identify the most fitting solutions.​ Either ask us on WhatsApp to help or refine our vast database of products with our advanced filters.


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3. The Science of Terpenes Explained

Benefit from our expert breakdown of terpenes' roles in CBD effectiveness, offering you clear, research-backed explanations to enhance your understanding and choice​. Click here to let our expert advisor guide you through or use our advanced filters to select the terpenes you want to find​ from our UK database of certified products.

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4. Find Your Best Value CBD

Compare CBD products effortlessly with our clear price per 100mg metrics, helping you identify the best quality within your budget. Make informed decisions with confidence.​ Filter the UK database of government listed products which for the first time allows you to compare products on a like for like basis.


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5. Real People, Real Results

Discover reviews from people just like you, sharing their experiences with CBD. These authentic testimonials provide a glimpse into how CBD has made a difference in their lives, offering you relevant insights and inspiration to inform your own choices. Access thousands of reviews from our certified UK CBD Database or for tailored reviews specific to you and your use case just ask us by clicking here.

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6. What is CBD? is part of the UKs leading authority on CBD, providing the most comprehensive access to unbiased, impartial resources and a wealth of educational CBD content. Designed to deepen your understanding of the benefits of CBD benefits, how to use it and scientific background. Got any questions on CBD? Speak to us now!.

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7. Expert Opinions and Lab Report Analysis

A 2023 study revealed that 92% of UK CBD products contain less CBD than advertised. It's crucial to only buy products with verified lab reports. At, we provide these reports for a wide range of products, helping you to interpret the detailed lab data to understand quality and safety of your CBD product. Speak to us now to learn more about why it's essential you understand a lab report.

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8. Is CBD Legal?

Despite CBD's legality in the UK, a government agency, trading standards study found most of CBD products in the UK contain illegal substances. provides you with confidence by offering access to thousands of analytical reports from a Home Office licenced lab, verifying the legality and safety of your chosen products based on authoritative research.


BRITISH CANNABIS™ was launched with the objective of offering high quality, British-made CBD to a UK market that was, in its early days, dominated by imported brands.


9. Explore Unmatched Best CBD Products Insights

Our pioneering certified UK CBD database delivers in-depth technical, analytical and safety data on a wide range of CBD products online, promoting unprecedented transparency like never before. Empowering you to make informed choices based on thorough understanding.


10. Seek Expert Advice

We don't endorse specific products or brands. For personalised, medical-based recommendations, we believe consulting a doctor is key. Our platform provides guidance on how to connect with UK qualified medical professionals who can prescribe CBD products legally as a medicine. Seek Expert UK CBD advice now!

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