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Find out how 5 years within the UK's young CBD industry has brought us to where we are today...


BRITISH CANNABIS® was launched with the objective of offering high quality, British-made CBD to a UK market that was in its early days and dominated by imported brands.

Operating from a small unit in Berkshire, United Kingdom with a couple of thousand pounds in start up capital, the business started a journey that would lead us to pioneer the CBD industry and set the exacting standards seen across compliant CBD UK products today.
The groundbreaking Gel-Tabs...

As with everything we do, we aim for perfection and compromise is something we refused to do when we developed our first product. We had nothing to lose. The start up capital was small and this was a labour of love, not just a business.

We developed a ground-breaking consumer product, the CBD Gel-Tab™, the first single dose sublingual cannabis tablet. This product was an instant success, soon we moved to larger offices and expanded the business to meet demand.
Our refined CBD oils become the top-selling herbal supplement on Amazon UK

After investing in a new laboratory and new equipment for our CBD extraction facility, a wealth of knowledge comes over from the US with the appointment of our Chief Scientist. We introduce an industry-first batch-level testing on all CBD UK products and publication of supportive analytical reports that validate the safety, legality and conformity of those products.

We co-founded the Cannabis Trades Association, that now represents 1000+ member companies globally; the largest CBD trade body.
Our extraction facility starts to look a little like and episode of 'Breaking Bad'...

Mastering a 100% natural alcohol-based extraction method allows us to consistently produce a higher-grade extract than its CO2 counterparts. This was the first true full-spectrum extract that the industry had seen in Europe. Off the back of further investments in our scientific team and state-of-the -art molecular distillation equipment, we developed a proprietary THC removal process and launched our industry leading 75% THC-Free Distillate ingredient.
We set up a cannabis farm...

Acquiring an R&D cannabis farm in Portugal allows us to concentrate on developing new strains, improving growing methods and expanding our knowledge.
The UK's first Water-Soluble CBD...

We advanced a water-soluble CBD product, utilising liposomal technology and achieving 10 times the absorption of comparable products.
Our CBD RESCUE CREAM® is clinically proven...

We developed, produced and launched a new CBD cosmetic, CBD RESCUE CREAM®. The UK’s 1st clinically-proven consumer cannabis cosmetic.
CBD HEALTH® range launched, as the first CBD product in the UK backed by science...

CBD HEALTH® from Canabidol® becomes the first range of lifestyle CBD UK supplements to be paired with vitamins and minerals that are backed with authorised EFSA health and wellbeing claims.
Our CBD extractions expands into Europe...

We purchased an extraction facility in Europe, expanding our extraction capacity to meet demand.

New UK Cleanroom installed...

One of our largest investments to date. We installed a new Cleanroom at our Berkshire HQ to house our new GMP-certified production line.
Won 'Best Pharmacy Product of the Year 2020'...

We received multiple awards for our CBD RESCUE CREAM® and 75% THC-Free CBD Distillate; including being awarded ‘Best Pharmacy Product of The Year 2020’ by The Independent Community Pharmacist.
ACCESS CBD® is launched...

The company that brought you Canabidol® CBD UK supplements for the last five years, has been busy creating an exciting new CBD venture. It’s time to revolutionise the CBD industry; with our experience that has pioneered the UK CBD industry from the ground up, we have earned an impeccable reputation as the leading authority in consumer CBD cannabis products. Our aim is to bring you a whole new dynamic to the industry, we want CBD Oil UK to be accessible for all. Expect premium quality and great taste!
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