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Your ultimate guide to buying CBD with TV’s health campaigner, Dr. Christian Jessen. In an exclusive partnership with BRITISH CANNABIS™.

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Best CBD Oil UK - Buyers Guide

Discover the diverse ways of administering CBD oil and other cannabis products with this informative guide.

Using CBD oil is a breeze, and this guide will take you step by step through the multiple ways and benefits of introducing CBD into your daily supplement routine.

Learn about the various CBD Oil UK products available and how to consume them safely for maximum benefits.

The Ultimate Guide to Best CBD Oil UK 2024

Whether you are looking for the supplement on your regular health and wellness regimen or you’re simply curious about the benefits of CBD oil, the nitty gritty details are all right here.

From dosages you should take to the legality of CBD in the UK, we’ve got you covered in this post. Here’s a quick guide about CBD.

In this post, you’ll also learn how to use it and whether it’s available in your area.

What is CBD Oil ?

CBD oil is a product made from cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis plants.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, which has become widely used as an effective natural remedy for health issues like anxiety, pain and inflammation. 

CBD oil can be taken orally or topically and it’s 100% legal in the UK. The use of CBD oil has grown in popularity in both the US and the UK, with the UK market being estimated to be worth PS300 million in 2025.

It can be purchased in most high street stores and it is available in tinctures. CBD is one of more than 110 different compounds found in the cannabis plant, and these are known as cannabinoids.

They work on cannabinoid receptors in the body and help regulate several functions. 

CBD is completely legal in the UK. If it is safe to use the oil does not contain any THC, it is allowed to be used.

The UK has made it easier to obtain CBD by passing stringent regulatory standards. In addition, CBD products must be produced using industrial hemp and contain no more than 1mg of THC per serving.

Although this is the legal limit, current testing standards may not allow for 0.01% THC, so you must read the labels carefully. 

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Oil is an effective natural remedy for health issues like anxiety, sleep disorders, pain and inflammation. While CBD has been used to treat a wide range of ailments, it is not yet an FDA-approved medication. 

It has shown promise in treating cocaine and opioid use disorders. Its effect on each substance was different.

CBD without THC did not lessen opioid withdrawal symptoms, but it reduced drug-seeking behaviours in cocaine and methamphetamine users.

Despite the lack of FDA approval, CBD is already proving beneficial for human health and animal welfare. 

One of the most popular conditions for which CBD is used is anxiety. Serotonin receptors in the brain are affected by CBD, and this chemical affects mood and social behaviour.

It acts on these receptors to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. As a result, CBD is like anti-depressants but is far more natural.

The CBD-rich oil should be free of THC, which helps anxiety levels.