For two years, we have been saving up 10% of the annual net profits from sales of ACCESS CBD™ in order to help support charitable causes that directly support the NHS and other healthcare organisations.

This donation pledge became part of the bedrock of ACCESS CBD’s existence – along with a mission to provide genuine CBD oils at prices affordable to almost anyone – allowing more people than ever to try cannabis-based supplements out on a regular basis. Two guiding principles that make the team at BRITISH CANNABIS™ who we are.

We pledge that British Cannabis will donate 10% of ACCESS CBD net profits every year to charitable causes that support the NHS.

Just to recap for avoidance of doubt, as a private company, BRITISH CANNABIS™ elected to take 10% of the net profits made from ACCESS CBD™ sales, (after deducting the cost of making the products, shipping them, keeping our lights on, paying our staff and the other usual business expenses) and save them up to support our chosen causes.

We recently made our latest donation to NHS Charities Together – the national charity partner of the NHS, made up of 240 NHS charity members based with hospitals, mental health, ambulance and community health services across the UK. This felt like one of the fairest ways to make sure our efforts went directly towards a wide range of heroes in the health service.
“To all the wonderful people that make up both the UK National Health Service, and the thousands of caring people in hospices, care homes and other healthcare organisations: Thank you for the lives you improve the lives you fight to save and for being there for us all, both up until now and into the future too.”


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