Honest Information

Honest Information

We make some pretty impressive claims and we could just leave it at that…but impressive claims are made even more impressive by making them EXACT!

When we say we are the biggest, we are the biggest. When we say we do more than any other CBD company, it’s because we do. When we say we have won multiple awards, it’s because we have…and when we say we are 70% cheaper, it’s because we are!

So why should you trust us?

We back our claims with robust reliable, independent and impartial data. Without this data we are just another company with an opinion. Information is important to us, but not as important as accuracy.  

We only make a statement or claim if we are satisfied we have the accurate, robust and verifiable data to back it up. For the avoidance of doubt, every claim is supported by a visible associated statement that details the source of the information and the date the information was obtained.

We go above and beyond when it comes to verifying the accuracy of the data we use. If we make a claim or statement about a competitor’s product. We will only do so if we have contacted them and asked them the question directly. If inaccurate data is identified it will be rectified immediately.  

Comparative Price Data

When product comparison data is compiled, we would use the recommended retail price displayed on the brands website. This will be an up to date price that the product has been marketed for a period of at least 6 weeks. If we are made aware that a price changes, we will remove the marketing material immediately.

Average Comparative Price Data

When we say 70% less than other brands, this isn’t just us checking a few products and distorting the fact. The data we utilise within average price is based on market research by the leading CBD intelligence agency that researched over 3000 products and the price is an average of a very large pool of products that represent the majority of the industry.

Same CBD. Lower Price

Brand Comparison Data

Based on data obtained on 7th December 2020.

This comparison is specifically regarding the CBD brands and their products that are available in major high street retailers.

Comparable product: When looking at comparable products we only consider CBD oils, that are a CBD extract suspended in a carrier oil. A cross or check means the data has been verified and has supportive evidence. A question mark means the data has been requested, but not provided or supported with documentary evidence by the manufacturer.

Naturally Flavoured

A check for this means that all of the brands products exclusively use naturally derived flavourings.

Lowest Priced CBD Oil

What are the brands lowest priced CBD oil that is available from specified retailer?

Vegan Certified

Is the product officially certified Vegan from the Vegan Society?

Video Of Production

Can you watch a video of the production of the product on the day of manufacture?

Profits Donated to Charity

Does the brand have a policy to donate a set percentage of profits to charity?

Bottles UV Sterilised On-Site

Are all bottles and components are sterilised on-site with UV before manufacture?

Graphical Strength Indicator

Does the product have a graphical strength indicator on the front of the outer packaging?

Strength Nomenclature

Does the product have a strength nomenclature on the front of the outer packaging?

Recyclable Packaging

Is the product packaging made entirely from recyclable materials?

QR Code

Does the product have a QR code that provides simple access to compliance and regulatory documentation?