Data Transparency

Data Transparency


Following receipt of updated information from Vitality and Be You, changes to their information in the comparison table were made in relation to, naturally flavoured, country of origin, profits donated to charity, video of production, graphical strength indicator, clear strength nomenclature, bottle UV sterilised on site and recyclable packaging.


Having been notified of a pricing inaccuracy with regards to Vitality CBD Oral Spray 1200mg in Tesco, we have subsequently updated this price check to reflect the currently-correct £29.99.


We removed the slider graphic on our home page featuring ACCESS CBD and Vitality CBD side-by-side and thus removing Vitality’s label from being shown.


We updated our competitor comparison table again, to reflect the latest market pricing and to take into account new information presented by Vitality.


Vitality’s solicitors sent us a letter dated 03/12/2020. This contained answers to several of our brand comparison information factors and raised challenges on several more. It also indicated that Vitality did not consent to its product label being shown on our website.


We updated our competitor comparison chart to reflect the latest market pricing and make some changes to which categories of information felt most relevant and fair to compare brands on.


The comparison chart was updated and further clarification on the data points were added to the brand comparison page.


Love Hemp's solicitors sent us a letter. Still no response to our questionnaire from 25/05/2020; however some data points were clarified and a planned update to the chart was scheduled. We responded to Love Hemp, thanking them for the partial information and confirming that we would publicly acknowledge that the information previously posted was inaccurate due to the difficulties obtaining the data. We also further requested the completed questionnaire in an attempt to ensure all data was correct.


Love Hemp responded with a short email. It was highlighted that the data point checked for 'Produced in a Cleanroom' was incorrect. On 06/06/2020: We took immediate action and addressed this data point. We further requested Love Hemp return the questionnaire so we could ensure all data was correct.


Jacob Hooy responded and advised they would not provide any of the requested information.


Request for information sent to Vitality CBD, Green Stem, Jacob Hooy, Be You CBD and Love Hemp