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ACCESS CBD® Shakes up the CBD Industry One More Time

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With its new range, Access CBD® is expanding upon its already impressive line-up of products. The company offers two strengths (1200mg and 2400 mg) in three popular flavors: berry, citrus, and natural which complements the award-winning oils nicely!

BRITISH CANNABIS™ is excited to announce that award-winning consumer CBD supplement brand, ACCESS CBD oil UK has extended its range with a new mid-to-high strength naturally flavored CBD vape liquid juice line. These liquids will be available for purchase starting September 1st and come in three different flavors: Apple Picking Seasoning (designed specifically for those who love fresh apples), Mango Chutney whose tangy sweetness perfectly matches the Nepali tradition of hospitality.

Since 2019 when it first launched with these key hallmarks – value for money coupled with high-quality genuine goods–the brand has managed to gain significant market share advantages over existing competitors, especially within Britain where they are based currently

The company’s 60/40 PG to VG blend is perfect for most devices, naturally sourced with the addition of natural cannabis terpenes. Customers can choose from 50ml user-friendly short-fill bottles that come in either 0mg or 10 mg nicotine strengths per bottle; thus, they will have access not only to affordable prices but also excellent value when compared to other products on local markets!

BRITISH CANNABIS™ is not satisfied with the £2.7 billion vape market, and they have the plan to take it into uncharted territory!

Steve Batchelor, Marketing Director at BRITISH CANNABIS™ comments: “We thought long and hard over the past year about whether to extend our ACCESS CBD® range into e-liquids. They are a popular format, but they don’t quite match up with vaping as one of Britain’s most preferred ways for consuming cannabis products.”

“In spite of this consideration we’ve decided against it because there is still uncertainty around how people will vape when taking their medications (or other substances) such as Dungeons & Dragons resin playable pieces,” says Steve who also pointed out that some customers prefer sublingual oils instead!

Pricing will be extremely competitive, but no expense has been spared on getting the basics of quality right. Every batch of these E-Liquids is fully tested for purity and accuracy in compliance with CBD standards which can easily be accessed via a QR code found on every bottle."

Thomas Whettem, CEO of BRITISH CANNABIS™ says that “CBD is a drop in the bucket” when compared to cannabis terpenes. The company’s Access CBD oil and e-liquids combine real fruit extracts with powerful powerhouse ingredients like cannabidiol (or just ‘CBD’). But there’s more than meets our senses; for those who know what they’re looking at—Thomas goes on further explain how these same terpenes provide many aromatics found throughout foods we eat including flavors from hops flowers or Thai chili peppers!

The new ACCESS CBD E-Liquid range is designed to pack a flavor-bursting punch, with as many aromatic and beneficial cannabis terpene compounds packed into each bottle. This was accomplished by using our extensive knowledge of cannabinoids that we gathered over the last 6 years for us not only to be ahead but also to stay at top form always!

BRITISH CANNABIS™’s Managing Director, David Ralson was eager to summarise the market’s recent trends. He pointed out that ACCESS CBD® took over 2019 and 2020 by storm with their successful run-on UK television as well as having many Trustpilot reviews for a single brand of high-quality e-juice pens from vape consumers who want to add natural supplements into their routines without breaking the bank accounts or sacrificing taste preferences as other companies might do before them

The new Access CBD E-Liquids are set to go on sale this summer with recommended retail prices of £24.99 for 1200mg of CBD per 50ml and 34 pence more if you want the 2400 mg option! To find out all about these amazing products contact British Cannabis now by phone at +44 203 9652 420 or via email at info@britishcannabisorg

BRITISH CANNABIS™ – A Pioneering CBD Industry

BRITISH CANNABIS™, the largest producer and distributor of legal cannabis-derived products in England is proud to announce its newest venture: CBD food supplements. These high-quality ingredients will be used for no less than 15 different applications with Food Standards Agency approval!

The company has already proven itself as a reliable supplier whose brand names include “ACCESS,” BRITISH” & more; making them an ideal partner when it comes time to create your own wellness routine or help out friends who might need some assistance finding exactly what they’re looking for online at affordable CBD oil price points.

ACCESS CBD E-Liquid 2400mg Citrus Flavour
ACCESS CBD E-Liquid 2400mg Berry Flavour
ACCESS CBD E-Liquid 2400mg Natural Flavour

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