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3 Ways to Include CBD as A Gift this Mother’s Day

Ditch the bouquets, and treat Mum to something new this Mother’s Day.

Our broad plant spectrum ACCESS CBD™ is the best CBD oil UK are the perfect 100% natural gift that keeps on giving – naturally flavoured with hundreds of unique cannabis compounds.

Whether she needs to escape the pressure of parenting or simply wants to relax at home, here are 3 picks to provide a blissful, CBD-infused “me time” moment.

1. Ingest CBD oil in beverages

Putting CBD oil directly into the mouth may not be for Mum, so why not add CBD to her favourite drinks? You can safely add CBD oil to a smoothie, or healthy juice.

Start Mum’s special day by combining her caffeine and cannabinoids. A product like ACCESS CBD™’s natural flavour is great for this purpose since the earthy, nutty hints from the CBD oil pair well with coffee. CBD also pairs well with cocoa, tea, and other beverages. If you prefer a flavoured choice, ACCESS CBD™ oils are available in the best berry flavour and refreshing citrus flavour. Great for a morning energizer!

Many people have started to turn to CBD oil as a way to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress levels – so let Mum know that your gift has natural calming abilities that promote relaxation without the high.

2. Bake Mum her favourite recipe

Do you want to try new recipes, especially those of the CBD variety? If so, baking Mum some CBD-infused edibles could be a great way to make her happy

CBD oil can be added to almost any recipe, as long as you safely keep the cooking temperature to a minimum. You can add ACCESS CBD™ oils to cookies, cakes, chocolates, and other treats, bake it into your Mums favourite bread recipe, and even pair it with olive oil to make a great base for salad dressings.

When consuming CBD oil remember that the effects may take longer to set in, and last for an extended amount of time. This is due to the digestive system, which requires more time to break down the compound for it to be absorbed by the body.

3. Apply a homemade CBD salve

There’s no shortage of CBD-infused creams and balms that are designed for skin application, but you can also use CBD oil to make your own homemade topicals ready for Mother’s Day. All that’s required are a few simple ingredients, and you’ll have the ability to customize your CBD topical to best suit your Mums skin and wellness preferences to soften her skin and soothe any aching muscles.

As an added bonus, Mum may also get a better night’s sleep. CBD oil UK can help de-stress after a long day, and she won’t wake up feeling groggy in the morning.

Want to learn more? ACCESS CBD™ oils are analysed with state-of-the-art HPLC in laboratories based in the UK. Calibration of 11 different cannabinoids including CBD, CBN and THC, were tested by BRITISH CANNABIS™. Results are shown here.

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